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I am a life science enthusiast, passionate about finding natural ways to improve soil-plant health and increase biodiversity in Agricultural and Horticultural systems.

Here in this space, I write and talk about plant science, soil-plant ecosystem, concerns and improvements in cropping systems, ethical change in the Aginputs supply chain, and my general observations.

Also, I share my work on music and design, representing my deep interest in art.

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Sanu Foundation

Welcome to Sanu foundation

Our mission is to create a better future for orphans and to support farmers.

Started by a group of like-minded social thinkers, the Sanu foundation supports orphan and deprived kids, thereby enabling them to enjoy their right to education and decent living. Looking into the plight of farmers, the organization, in collaboration with Samarth Bio-Tech Limited, has now extended its services to the farming community. The mission being; to educate farmers and help them in unfortunate situations.

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