ASK for help! it’s powerful

27th May 2018, I flew on a charter flight! You may now think I went by myself, or someone arranged this for me, but all I had to do was to ASK.

My SpiceJet flight from Hubli to Bangalore was repeatedly getting delayed, and at some point, the airline announced their inability to solve the problem and lack of standby. Like everyone around me, I started to worry. Soon the crowd around the grievance counter built up with people giving an unearthly yell to the poor, uninformed airline representative. Among the crowd was also Mr. Vijay Sankeshwar, who politely returned his flight ticket and went to the business class lounge. The reason? He owns a private Jet!

| For the uninitiated, Vijay Sankeshwar is the chairman of India’s largest logistics firm VRL group. A humble single bus owner turned “king of transport” with more than 3500 busses and trucks serving Indian businesses and comfort traveling |

In this time of absolute uncertainty, I met one of my classmates and our conversation went something like this, Me: Arun, should we ask Vijay Sankeshwar for a lift on his private jet? Arun: Ahh! he will never respond; Me: Well, Let’s see!

Although he thought it was a casual fun talk, I was serious about it. Without losing much time, I entered the business lounge and stopped by Vijay. Explained my situation and requested if he could help me reach Bangalore. My request was acknowledged! Soon I was asked to write my name on a book as he called his secretary to register my name and address for the flight! All this happened in just 5 minutes.

We usually get engrossed in our own thought of YES/ NO battle and lose the chance of being helped by people. A simple action of request helped me reach Bangalore and be comfortable for my next flight to Amsterdam.

Be spontaneous and ask for help when and if needed. You might end up experiencing something new!

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