Where are the boundaries? Help me with your intellect.

I am bothered by last night’s conversation with an acquaintance! An apparent foodie, for me, every possibly great-tasting animal is good for consumption, but not Cows. Now, I put some religious barriers to myself and avoid killing Cows. Contrarywise, this acquaintance believes he must be allowed to eat whatever he likes. Fair enough!

Can I eat Dogs? Yo-yo! I love Dogs. But if I said that, you would see me differently, wouldn’t you? You would argue that Dogs have emotions, brains, and the ability to feel pain. I share the same thoughts, but why is it ok to slaughter Chickens, Cows, or any other being trying to sustain just like us. Some even say they don’ have emotions or brains. Are we sure of this fact, or are we generalizing with our “closed scientific mindset”?

  • What if the definition of emotion is way far from our knowledge?
  • Does our ability to be a powerful organism come with responsibility?
  • If yes, where is the line of ETHICAL CAUTION?

And, do every organism think the other is stupid, just like we do? – I shall write my thoughts on this.

While I may choose to turn vegetarian, I know PLANTS SCREAM! It’s 7:00 AM and Sunday… back to bed 😀

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