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Dirty Aginput Chain

Every so often, people criticize multinational companies for disturbing the market with strategies to achieve a monopoly. Well, that’s how fat cats behave! And to make a killing, startup companies join them with me-too products, helping the dirty chain of unethical marketing grow. Not to evade the fact that many companies do work intending to […]

Maximum Residue Limit

X says: According to the reports, almost everyone knows what MRLs are! While reports help public understanding and dissemination of knowledge, ill-framed reports could be detrimental, if referred to decide what is suitable for our country. Last year, during a dialogue with an officer (IAS cadre) at the Ministry of Agriculture, I enquired if GOI […]

Biological Control: a perfect substitute for Pesticides?

      The intelligence of human has created wonders, but there is always a positive and negative side to it. Pesticides are synthesized to control the pest incidence and vector diseases, eventually to increase the yield with limited manpower and landmass, contributing to the global food demand. At variance with all the advantages, the over […]

Biological Control – a boon to Farmers

Imagine a world where every organism is autotrophic and no food chain exists. The amount of carbon dioxide in the air would surpass the oxygen level; global issues would be at the peak or maybe, the pressure created would lead to mass destruction. Earth is such a well-planned system where every organism has an important […]