Maximum Residue Limit

X says: According to the reports, almost everyone knows what MRLs are!

While reports help public understanding and dissemination of knowledge, ill-framed reports could be detrimental, if referred to decide what is suitable for our country. Last year, during a dialogue with an officer (IAS cadre) at the Ministry of Agriculture, I enquired if GOI is taking steps on MRLs, carcinogenic pesticides, and its awareness to consumers and farmers.  I was amazed to hear what Mr. X said!  A perfect situation I wish existed. Every person I talked to; farmers, hoteliers, businesspeople, and agriculturalists! individuals could barely abbreviate MRLs.

What are MRLs?

Books abbreviate MRLs as Maximum residue limits for agricultural pesticides. Every country sets thresholds to the pesticide residue level allowed in food production. Above this threshold, the pesticide would have shown toxic effects on animals, documented in toxicology tests. Organizations like fssai in India have come up with these notifications, but the reach is so low that; Dealers sell pesticides without the right guidance to farmers, our uninformed farmers overuse them, and industries lobby to keep their product alive.

Eem, what better dumping area than INDIA? Companies from Europe and America find our system heaven to bring products that are disregarded in their continent. Well, we allow them too! after all, the west is COOL ; ) (Sarcastic remark)


Over the last few years, I heard many cases of Cancer and research about pesticides linked to it. Especially in the State of Punjab, at least 90 for every 100,000 people suffer Cancer, compared with the national average of 80. Many of the pesticides used in this region are classified as Class I by WHO; for their acute toxicity and carcinogenic properties! Unpalatable…

Whom should we blame? Our economy | politicians | prime minister |  or our teachers?

How about dominating the policies than accepting?

What if Supermarkets set their threshold?

What if WE set our threshold?

Better Life seekers, Let’s be loud this time! Let’s bring REAL HEALTH CARE!

Long Live INDIA

4 thoughts on “Maximum Residue Limit

  1. Shivani says:

    Read your article and if this is true i guess you should raise it higher to people who would really listen to it, politicians or the government is not gonna take an action until media awakens this situation cuz media spreads like fire.
    So maybe reach out to media with proofs and the good one’s will really hear you out. Not a part or your field just a small suggestion maybe
    Good luck

  2. Samarth NM says:

    This looks like a serious issue that everyone needs to be aware of, the problem in India is awareness. We need to launch innovative strategies to reach out to the public and make them aware about the ill effects of consuming food products above the threshold of MRL.
    This also give rise to an Oppurtunity to market the organic products in Indian market with the unique selling point of MRL less than the threshold. This also gives rise to competetion. With the competetive firms trying to position themselves with MRLs gives them the competetive advantage. For example I would like to share the case of 916 hallmark gold. How exactly companies like Tanishq, Malabar , Kalayan etc came up with the strategies to get the competetive advantage.
    One most important thing one must focus on is Differentiation because to achieve this in a commodity market is a biggest challenge.
    But current trends in India is changing and people are focussing on healthier food habits so this would be a biggest Oppurtunity for the business.

    • Ritesh Sanu says:

      Dear Samarth,

      Thank you for your crisp, well-analyzed comment. Perhaps one of us initiates what you ideate.

      Ritesh Sanu

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